• As per CPCB reports (2019-20), plastic contributes to 8% of the total solid waste, with Delhi producing the maximum quantity followed by Kolkata and Ahmedabad.
  • Micro-plastics have been shown to damage human cells, causing allergic reactions as well as cell death in laboratory tests.

  • For reducing plastic waste and enabling transparent plastic waste channelization, we provide holistic solutions to assist you in achieving your EPR targets.

  • We provide end-to-end EPR solutions to reduce plastic waste and meet the needs of PIBOs and PWPs.

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We have set up our own MRFs to recover PET and other Plastic such as HD/LD and PP ​

It is beneficial to reduce pollution and conserve resources by recycling plastic. If you’re looking for a green investment, recycled plastic granules are a smart option.

We aim to:

Create Awareness About The Possibility Of Recycling Plastics ​

Educate People About Re- PET I.E Recyled PET Bottles​

Collect Waste At Source, Segregate The Various Types Of Plastics And Send The Segmented Waste For Recycling Our Authorised Partners ​

Empower the Waste Picker community by Fair and instant payment terms

Deal And Process All Types Of Plastic Like PET, HDPE, LDPE Etc. ​

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